Based in Cleveland, Ohio our dynamic group specializes in Austrian Folkdances and Viennese Ball venues. Our repertoire includes traditional dances from all regions of Austria, Switzerland, Germany and choreographed Vienna Ball pieces from the golden age of Vienna’s Operatic Era. Frequently seen at Oktoberfests and festivals, our energy is contagious and we take pride in including our audience in the fun!​

We are proud to be a member organization of the EOUV Club in Russell, Ohio, home of the Cleveland Gottscheers.


Our Youth Group consists of dancers ages 5-16 with varying skill levels. As a group, we work together to master the basics and challenge the youth, while having fun. This adorable group performs traditional Austrian dances at various events throughout the year.

Adult Tanz Group

Our Adult Tanz Group consists of dancers ages 16+. Many know us for our intricate hand movements, eye-catching dances, and getting the crowd on their feet. We travel across North America and Europe performing traditional Austrian dances and various crowd pleasers.

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